Brandon and Fr. Blake, both native Floridians, are proud of their home state, especially the sacred ground of St. Augustine. Founded in 1565, it’s not only the oldest city in the United States but the site of the country’s first recorded Catholic Mass. It also includes the “sacred acre,” home to the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche and the site of martyrdom for several of the Florida Martyrs, whose cause for canonization has recently begun. Listen as Fr. Blake and Brandon share some of these incredible stories and why this great city of St. Augustine, bathed in Catholic history, is worth a visit.

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  • It was great to hear you share how different the Spaniards that came over were compared to the British
    How slaver was already not acceptable and the relationship the king had with the Native American Chiefs
    I hope this truth gets out there more

  • It is nice to see you both again. Your podcasts have been uplifting to me during this pandemic. …like welcome visitors to my home. Good Luck Father Blake in your new assignment.Elsie

  • Outstanding! Enjoyed it very much. I am from California so was truly interested since it parallels our story. Thank you!

  • Am heading to Florida next month and was debating whether I was going to travel A1A. You convinced me to stop in St. Augustine. Thank you. Great podcast as usual. RR

  • I have been waiting for this podcast! We first heard of the Florida martyrs while attending a Council of Catholic Women conference a few years ago. The physician involved in the cause was speaking. So interesting. I especially remember that Our Lady came to them as they were sacrificed.
    Thank you once again!

  • Thank you so much, Brandon and Fr. Blake!! Always look forward to your podcasts. I will be visiting St. Augustine. Have wanted to do so for some time, but now it is a must!! May God continue to bless the work that you do!!

  • Hello Farther Blake and Brandon,

    Thank you for this very informative podcast. I am a fellow native Floridian who also visited the city of St. Augustine in fourth grade and studied Florida History that school year. Of course, all we visited was the tourist attractions.

    I was not aware of the Sacred Acre until our oldest son’s 7th grade Catholic school class took a field tip to Saint Augustine. I was completely and deeply moved by it all, especially the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche and the site of the first Catholic Mass. I was just beginning RCIA so this trip was of great joy and spiritual inspiration for me.

    I agree on your recommendations—I watched They Might be Saints as well as read the book, The Cross in the Sand. I love history and especially Florida history. They Might Be Saints is very informative on such an important part of our Catholic history. And the Cross in the Sand is a great book to read about many amazing martyrs of our Catholic faith.

    Do you know if there will be a follow up to The Cross in the Sand?

    Blessings to the both of you and thank you for your wonderful podcast.

    P.S. Father Blake, I was not aware that Catholic Native Americans were martyred at the Castillo de San Marcos fort. Thank you for sharing this with your audience.

  • I am so glad I listened to this Podcast and to learn about the martyrs of La Florida. I was able to watch “They might be Saints” this afternoon on EWTN. The story of these amazing people needs to be spread beyond Florida, I for one will pass this information to my other Catholic friends. Thank you
    Nancy from Idaho

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