How do we preserve our state of grace in such a volatile and hostile environment as social media? Digital tools allow for a lot of good. We have seen that especially during this pandemic, when people are able to connect with one another across the globe. But, as we well know, there are also significant dangers. Fr. Blake and Brandon discuss how to navigate them and maintain our holiness.



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  • Fr. Blake and Brandon,
    I just watched “Holiness in the Digital Age”. It was very informative. I’ve learned so much watching your videos and will miss them.
    Thank you for taking the time to record all of them.
    God bless you both.

  • The Burrowshire has been my favorite Catholic Podcast and I listen to quite a few. I’ve appreciated seeing your genuine male friendship, sharing your knowledge Catholicism, suggestions of books to read, and guidance/advice on living a devout life. I’m sorry to see it end, but I was beginning to think you must both be super human in order to do all the other things in your lives (family, writing books, vocations, being a priest of 4 parishes….) and also having such well done show. I hope to see and hear an update occasionally in the future.

  • Looking forward to hearing the discussion about the book, especially an explanation of how Nostrae Aetate has led Popes like JPII and Francis to have meetings where they as the representatives of Christ sit in interreligious prayer meetings on an equal level with those who pray to false gods. I would also like to hear a justification of religious freedom per Dignitatis Humanae, wherein the Church seems to have decided that Christ has no social rights in our governments and constitutions. Our Lord seems to have no special place in the texts of Vatican II.

  • I came into your podcasts just last month and I was so looking forward to many more. I guess I was late the the party! These podcasts are so instructive and full of guidance and that is rare. I do however, fully understand time constraints and other commitments. I have to thank you for the ones I have listened to so far. You are truly blessed.

  • There aren’t many podcasts that I can listen to and clearly sense the fruits of the Holy Spirit, but this was one of them. Thank you for blessing us with your wisdom over the past 29 episodes. They certainly helped build the faith of this GenZer.

  • Dear Fr. Blake and Brandon,
    I am so grateful for your experience wisdom and humor. I have learned so much and you have contributed to deepening my Faith. May all of us draw on this time with you to go out, in whatever way the Lord calls us.

    Certainly your decision is understandable. May we all pray for you both, to be given the graces needed to be great saints, as you labor in the fields of the Lord.
    May the Lord bless and keep you.

  • This podcast today has been most helpful…. Thank you for the richness you have offered to all who have had the opportunity to listen. I will enjoy revisiting the ones I have seen already… and spending time with the ones I have missed.
    I know that listening today to this podcast was no accident… and that God is blessing me and encouraging me toward virtue through the definition of those common pitfalls we can slip into.
    May you each continue to be blessed by God in your personal lives, in your friendship, and in the way you allow yourselves to be used by God to draw others closer to Him.
    I pray that we might see snippets of that in the future.

  • I’ll miss your great show and insights and “lessons”!!☺️
    Blessings on all you did and do and much happiness in your future paths! Thank you so much and God bless you both!
    Barb (WIsconsin)

  • Thank you for this podcast! I struggle with negative feelings and thoughts after reading current news so decreased this significantly.
    Got off FB because of all the negativity- and my sinful curiosity as I read comments-what a rabbit hole those comments can be!!!!
    Struggling now with spending too much time “gaming”….thank you for the suggestions of weighing emotional health after game time vs spiritual reading or even reading a novel! I’m right with you Father with being out in nature- God’s balm for my mind and heart!
    Thank you both again- God bless you!

  • You two have exemplified the beauty of true friendship grounded in Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Redeemer and in your respective commitment to witnessing to the good work He has begun in you… May the Lord bring it to complete fruition! Amen. While I understand some goods (like the Burrowshire Podcast) have to give way to greater goods (like family and ministry), I am going to miss your deep, thoughtful, balanced reflections on our Catholic faith and how we ought to lead virtuous and holy lives. Hats off to both of you for a job well done.

  • Thank you very much Brandon & Fr Blake for this episode, so informative. God’s Blessings for you, your family & parishioners as you move forward & all future endeavors.

  • Dear Fr Blake and Brandon,
    Thank you so much for the podcast and the great wisdom you have both shared since the beginning. You two are a wonderful example of faithful, young Catholic men, fully apprised of the concerns of your own generation and every other too! Thank you and God bless your ongoing ministries and endeavors 👍🙏

  • This episode was most helpful. I recognized the pitfalls and how I have fallen into them, as well as some sins I had not seen before. Thank you so much.
    I’m sorry you will be ceasing the monthly episodes, but I respect and appreciate your honesty in discernment. May God continue to bless your efforts to teach and evangelize in everything you undertake.

  • Thanks for another wonderful podcast! I am so far behind in listening that I ended up listening to the last podcast twice, forgetting that I had already listened and commented. So am glad to hear that you will continue but not on a regular basis. God calls us and we must listen. There is so much to do with each day!! Blessings to you both and the wonderful work that you do!!

  • As probably your only Atheist listeners, we want to express our sadness that your podcast will be closing, but also our gratitude for putting together such an excellent podcast. We are often on the lookout for intelligent Catholic voices online (and are often left disappointed) and were delighted to stumble across your work. Both of you excelled greatly at doing something that few people can do, making Catholicism look intelligent, joyful, and most importantly, attractive.

    We really enjoyed listening to the episodes and we learned a lot about different topics, which also gave us a deeper appreciation of the Church as a whole. We wish you both the best of luck in your future projects and look forward to further content as well.

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