It’s hard to stay joyful today. We’ve all noticed a rise of anxiety, anger, and bitterness, whether in ourselves or among friends. Our cultural climate is toxic, to say the least. Yet, we are called to be missionaries of joy, who spread the evangelium gaudium (joy of the Gospel). How do we do this? How do we develop and protect our joy? In this episode, Fr. Blake and Brandon explain how to root our joy in Christ, how to recognize the enemies of joy, and Chesterton’s and Tolkien’s advice on maintaining “joy without a cause.”



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  • I just want you both to know how much I have enjoyed these podcasts! I will definitely go back and rewatch some of the past ones, and will continue to look forward to future new ones. I wish you both great success in your busy lives and “works of heart for God”. I wish I could chat with you both every day, or hear your homilies every Mass, etc. But know that you’ve done me a world of good in this effort! Thank you so much!

  • Thank you Brandon and Fr Blake for your podcast on Protecting Your Joy. There was so much, in your conversation, that sparked peace in me. I will be listening to this again, and since it is my first visit to your burrowshire podcast, I feel like I want to go back and check out the other 29. Thank you again.

  • This may be a wishful thinking on my part, but my hope is that the Burrowshire podcast returns at some point by a popular demand. It’s too good to see it end too soon. I respectfully urge all the souls who have been edified by the 30 episodes to make a novena to Jude for this cause. Smile! All kidding aside, joy is a timely virtue we all need these days and always; it’s certainly a mark of holiness and a life grounded in the Lord. The depth and breadth of your knowledge of the Faith, your commitment to sharing it with others enthusiastically along with the joy of your friendship came loud and clear through all the episodes. I will certainly miss Fr. Britton’s joyful laughter and pastoral outlook as well as Brandon’s though provoking questions. Thank you and God bless you both!

  • Thank you Brandon and Father Blake so much for this podcast and all the others. Each one brings me joy and draws me closer to the Father as you discuss topics close to my heart.

  • I have enjoyed your & Father Blake’s podcasts. Have learned many things and have shared them with others. I love our church and have been involved for many years. God bless you and your work.

  • Great topic! I look forward to reading Fathers book. Important considerations related to current social trends. I find some interesting conversational links with Arthur Brooks; Love Your Enemies and understanding the “culture of contempt”. Keep up the great presentations, even if more sporadicly timed. Great work in each of your podcasts!

  • I just love the clarity and cleanness from Brandon Vogt.
    This delivery by both is awesome, I loved it.
    There is so much to be shared here, I feel the love and joy freely given throughout both their personal delivery. Brandon offers quality with challenge, by his intellect and moral commitment, he never ceases to be an endless resource, His achievements esp in providing the highest educative processes via a radical gutsy, more morally developing new university is worthy of donating to because each student and others involved by our donation, will assist in bringing Catholic drifters back, so by donating we help the new evangelicals to save. Not just that, more and more interesting speakers like these budding Brandon Vogts will ‘hit the marketplace’ of Catholic platform in greater numbers, with Catholic quality, doing Gods important work, sharing and pointing us to The Gifts of the Spirit. Drawing us deeper. I’m going to keep following this stuff. mj 👍

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