Woohoo!! The big day is finally here! Today marks the release of Fr. Blake’s new book titled Reclaiming Vatican II: What It (Really) Said, What It Means, and How It Calls Us to Renew the Church, just co-published by Word on Fire and Ave Maria Press.

Brandon and Fr. Blake discuss the book and why so many people misunderstand the Second Vatican Council. They also explore the Council’s four major documents and how to reclaim and (properly) implement them today.



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  • Congratulations Fr. Britton! I can’t wait to get a copy of your book which promises to be an excellent guide on how to reclaime the true spirit of the documents of the Council of Vatican II. In this month of Our Lady of the Rosary, I was excited to learn how the Council Fathers maintained the centrality of Mary, not only in the Redemptive mission of Her Son, but her affective presence in the Church.

  • Congratulations, Father Blake, on your first book! You guys keep making my wish list of books I would like to read longer and longer, but yours has now gone to the top of the list!☺️ It makes me truly sad to know we won’t be hearing from you as often on the Burrowshire podcast- you touch my mind and heart with every episode. But I do understand how busy you both must be. Now it’s a wonderful surprise to find a “bonus episode” in my inbox! God bless you both and the work you do.

  • The general tone reminds me of the topics related to Neo-Modernism and de Lubac in the Youtube video entitled Crisis Series #16 with Fr. Bourmaud: The New Theology & “Seeking the Mystery of Christ”

    Regarding the reason why the Blessed Virgin did not get her own separate document at Vatican II, it is well known that the Council did not give this document for her because they wanted to please the Protestants that were present influencing the Council. The Protestants do not like the glorification of the BVM.

  • Thank you, Fr. Blake, for writing this book and taking the time to bring it to the podcast. I was a junior in high school when Vatican II began. I married in 1968 in the post Vatican II church. I can honestly say that I was not catechized well in my faith growing up so moving from Latin to English never meant much to me. I have attended Latin masses over the years, but it’s really the Eucharist that draws me daily to Mass. I have read some of the documents, but not fully. This podcast has encouraged me to not only read your book, but to go back and read, at least, the main four documents. Thank you!!

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