We all experience shame. But what should we do with it? According to John Damascene and Gregory of Nyssa, “Shame is fear of doing a disgraceful deed or of a disgraceful deed done.” In this episode, we explore shame in the spiritual life, dealing with both its positive and negative components. We also examine today’s prevalent culture of shame, discussing how the internet fuels it and how to respond spiritually and practically.



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  • Thank you for a warm and enlightening discussion. I love it and it reminds of things I need to do like regular confession

  • Thank you both once more for a great podcast!! I love that you two work so well together and show us your loving friendship. Nancy

  • Wow!. I just chanced into this podcast, and I’m blown away. It’s amazing to have 2 millenials discuss a topic so intelligently and intellectually, yet , in a manner we can all grasp and understand.

    I’m 70 years old and I’m open to learning; I’m learning a lot from this one episode.

    I don’t remember where I got this, but when I try to say or do something, I make an effort to THINK: and ask the questions: Is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Nurturing, Kind?

    Thank you for this. I’ll check back on previous episodes and subscribe to YouTube.

    God bless you both.

  • The two of you are the best!! Loved the podcast on Dealing with Shame and the two questions at the end when dealing with the comments of someone trying to shame you: Is it True? Is that How Jesus sees you?
    Also loved the point about coming back to reality which is where Jesus lives and not letting the lies of the devil tie us up in knots.

  • Another magnificent podcast to benefit the mindset of others. The issue of our own shortcomings evoking shame was very insightful and I am so grateful for Fr. Blake’s openness on the beauty of reconciliation revealed through confessions of contrite penitents. Keep these wonderful podcasts coming to elevate our minds and hearts which is so GOOD for the soul! I am so grateful for you BOTH! Thank you

  • Thank you for another podcast on a topic that although timeless, is amplified in our current culture. Interesting that you referred to an earlier podcast, Spiritual Woundedness which was life changing for me.
    As for this podcast, I hope to spend the next month with this one. Spiritual direction, prayer, adoration. The crucifixion. Sacrament of Reconciliation. The way I look at sin in general. Mercy. How Satan works. Thank you for helping our minds to grow and opening our hearts to great Truths. God Bless you both

  • Great podcast! Just what I needed to hear today. The explanation of what happens during Reconciliation really resonated with me. The enemy messes with me all the time about my sins. Thank you for posting this, it really gave me some hopefulness today!

  • Thank you, Fr. Blake and Brandon!! Another great podcast!! I plan to send the link out to many in our parish communities. Depression and doubts can undermine our relationships with Jesus who is our way, who is our mercy!! I am thankful for all that you do!! Blessings!!

  • Thank you, Brandon and Fr. Blake, for another wonderful podcast. I am so sorry to be so far behind. But I realized that I need to have the full hour to watch or I will forget where I left off. So grateful for all of your comments, but most especially the last two:
    “Is it true?”
    “Is it what Jesus believes about you?”
    FB is a great evangelizing tool! So important to use media to share and spread our faith. Many in the world today do not know what they are missing! As Fulton Sheen said, and I paraphrase, “If I believed what the world believes about the Catholic faith, I would not be Catholic either.”
    Blessings to both of you and keep up the good work!!

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