We are both from Orlando and grew up around Disney. It is part of our culture, as it is for many Millennials who grew up watching classic Disney films. Today we discuss the The Disney Renaissance (aka The Disney Decade), lasting from 1989-1999, and examine the religious themes of four Disney films: Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.



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  • What a great delight to find another podcast with Brandon Vogt! His co-host, Fr. Blake, is equally endearing and a joy to hear! It appeared on my Facebook by a comment on a ‘Robert Coleman’ page. I’m happy it showed up! God bless you Brandon and Fr. Blake 💚🙏

  • Thanks for your analysis and insights. Looking forward to watching these four films with my young kids this summer and talking about them. Hopefully can visit Disney World in Florida one day. How many days do you recommend for a family to have a good first visit? Thank you!

  • Hey just wanted to say that I really liked this episode a lot and this podcast in general. You guys should definitely do a Pixar episode in the future. Brandon Vogt is a really awesome guy and I enjoy watching the podcast he does with Bishop Robert Barron. I think Fr. Blake Britton is an awesome priest and the joy that he radiates inspires me to want to be a better Catholic, especially in such a difficult time for the Church. God Bless.

  • Sorry guys but we don’t frequent WDW because of their misguided values and morals. They contribute to Planned Parenthood as my number one objection and then many more issues. I feel we need to stand up for life and let Disney know that we are Christians in an opposing world that stands for life and wholesome entertainment always.

  • Great episode! You mentioned the MCU in passing, but I’d love to hear a more fleshed out conversation on it. I’ve recently begun watching movies like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, etc. and would love to hear your thoughts about their deeper themes as it relates to Christ. For many people (especially Gen-Zers like myself) Marvel movies are something we cherish and a frequent topic of conversation, even among my non-Christian friends.

  • Fantastic episode! As a father of two young boys who are learning to love (older) Disney movies, I really appreciate the insight you two have provided on the Christian themes. Will definitely be pointing these messages out to my children for years to come. Thanks and God bless!

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