Welcome to the first episode of The Burrowshire Podcast! In this episode we discuss why we started this podcast, how it’s different than other podcasts, and what you expect on future episodes. We also share how we first met each other and became rapid friends.



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  • Amazing….I am not a millennium…..closer to an octogenarian….but I will be watching. I have attended Fr. Blakes Catholic School for almost two years. I will pray for this holy alliance and this podcast

  • Huge fan of Brandon Vogt and his work on Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire podcast. Super excited to hear upcoming episodes!

  • Very nourishing and amazing!
    Thank you Fr Blake and Mr Vogt for this wonderful podcast🙏🙏🙏

  • This was amazing and it will be very successful because you both touched on so much that is so needed not just for the millennial, but for a sexagenarian like myself. I loved hearing especially from you Brandon about the Litmus test for the workings of the Fruits of the Spirit, and from Fr. Blake about Sainthood is best done as a group activity. I look forward to more and wish you much success. Thank you and God bless you both.

  • Hey Brandon and Father Blake,
    It sounds like you have the beginnings of a fun and interesting podcast.
    Brandon I have been listening to you at Word on fire for quite a while and always enjoyed your input and direction. I have been looking for another podcast that can be inspiring and educational. Simply put most things on Television are vulgar and repulsive and not very entertaining. I have been spending less time on tv and more time on podcasts and books. I am very excited for you both. Father Blake I think that we have lost a bit of our relationship with priests and its wonderful that you will share some of yourself through this pod cast with us. I will share and keep you in my prayers. Thank you and God Bless you both and this new adventure!

    • Thank you Annie for your kind words. I pray that this podcast will prove an inspiring and sanctifying resource for your personal holiness. Be assured of my prayers as well. God bless!

  • Thank you! How refreshing to here from both of you millennials that our Catholic faith is alive and kicking!
    I enjoyed your cantor and sharing of your friendship and especially of the hope you bring to a generation and time in all of our lives where guidance with God’s Grace is so desperately needed. God bless you and this ministry!

  • Just watched the first episode! Looking forward to more! Thank you both for sharing. God always gives us what we need! Blessings and prayers for both of you on this journey!

  • Brandon and Fr. Blake, I’m so PUMPED for this! Thanks for taking the podcast plunge. I just finished the intro episode and can’t wait to get to the second one. Looking forward to all the great, solid, and uplifting content!

    God bless!

  • I liked it but it was a little too long for me. I am looking forward to the next one. Your friendship is a gift from the Lord

  • looking forward to the following series of podcast . i can see myself getting hooked. i am no millennial , but very eager to learn more from the younger generation. my prayers for the holy spirit to guide us all.

  • Brandon and Father Blake, I am excited to share this podcast with my five millennial nieces and nephews. They will all benefit from an your uplifting and faith based intellectual conversations. I will pray that your efforts will touch many hearts and transforms lives.

  • Just so brilliant, so much to love! I’m not a millennial either, but have only just started delving into the rich intellectual tradition of Catholicism — you are so right about the “dumbing down” that damaged the perceptions of my generation. Kudos to Fr. Britton for his great work with the middle school students — so encouraging to hear how engaged they are! I was particularly struck by both of you commenting on the “rage culture” that is so evident on social media in regard to Catholicism — as you say, these people may have valid points, but it is so tiring, almost soul-deadening to linger too long amidst rhetoric that is so unrelievedly negative in tone. I loved everything about this podcast, though, and am very much looking forward to making this a regular treat! Thank you both for doing this.

  • This is an unexpected glass of water on a hot summer day. Thank you for putting your heart into this.

    You all spoke about the friendship you have in the opening Podcast and already presented an excellent definition of what friendship is in itself. Perhaps a show dedicated to exploring what it is in all its selfless, gratuitous, and authentic dimensions would be a worthy endeavor.

    In Christ our Friend

    • That is a great suggestion. We will definitely need to do an episode on Christian friendship!

  • Brandon.

    Do not stop! God bless you Brandon and your family which congrats for the 7th on the way! My wife (Maite) and I are huge fans of your family! You inspire. I was baptized catholic but was not raised to be an active catholic as I even grew up watching my parents attend a protestant church. I thirst for spirituality, knowledge and just examples of pure love of our faith especially from other men which I can’t appreciate you more and grateful to God that he has gifted us with you. Thank you for what you do. God Bless You and keep it coming! Oh and if you have some space in the shire, I would love to move to your community 🙂 I look forward to see you and your family again at church when this whole COVID is all over (St Mary Magdalen).

  • I’m a member of the Word on Fire Institute and don’t quite remember where I first heard about the Liturgy of the Hours and then I read something in Evangelization & Culture and saw Fr. Blake Britton’s name & here I am. I can’t find the resource page you mentioned but did take some notes so if you can forward me the list of books, I’d appreciate it.’
    Carey Reynolds

  • Thank you both! I am so excited to continue listening to this podcast. Ever since I converted in 2014 I have loved diving deeper into the faith. As a millennial, I am thankful to see our generation represented with this spirit. As a wife and a mother I am excited to see the two vocations helping eachother grow in holiness. And as a mom of an 8 month old it is nice to have the media method as a podcast so I can multitask listening and doing all the mom things. Looking forward to hearing episode 2!

  • After having listened/watched some of ya’ll’s more recent podcasts, I’d figure I’d go to to the beginning to learn the roots of the podcast and learn about some of the other topics you have discussed so far. I had already figured out where the shire part derived from, but the Burrow part inspired by the Weasley’s?! Ok, that’s awesome! I do appreciate the background and focus of this podcast and look forward to learning more about my faith as a practicing Millennial cradle-Catholic. I am truly inspired by the story and finding a way to allow these message to carry into my mission as a Catholic laywoman. Thanks guys!

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