We have received several requests to do an episode on the sacred liturgy. We know it’s always a hot-button topic in the Church, and for good reason. The sacred liturgy is incredibly important. So, in this episode we discuss what the liturgy is, how Vatican II reformed the liturgy, and why it’s time to move past the liturgy wars. We also unpack many of today’s liturgical debates concerning the Traditional Latin Mass, ad orientem, and more. Finally, we explore the role of liturgy in family life and how to cultivate a liturgical rhythm and environment in your home.

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  • Thank you Fr. Blake and Brandon for the in-depth of Sacred Liturgy so well shared. God bless you both.

    • Thank you Brandon and Fr Blake. I also can witness to the invaluable graces received from daily Mass as a family. My father brought us all (5) every single day. I know I never understood at the time how lucky I was. But so many years later I can still remember the feeling of safety at morning Mass.

  • The idea of cosmic liturgy is something new to me. Is there some reading that fleshes this out a bit?

    • Joseph Ratzinger’s “Spirit of the Liturgy” chapter 2: “Liturgy-Cosmos-History”
      Hans Urs von Baltasar’s “Cosmic Liturgy: The Universe According to Maximus the Confessor”

  • Very informative and interesting. It should be presented to many young families. Thank you.

  • This has been an excellent learning experience for me. And as a catechist, I am so glad to have listened to it and, for sure, I’ll be listening to it again! Also, my husband and I have numerous liturgical “discussions” – he is very “anti-Old Mass” and this podcast has given me many good talking points. Thank you.

  • Thank you so very much for all that you presented. My family has been divided between those who love each of the liturgies. Perhaps now the emphasis will be placed on the sacrifice as long and the importance of reverence.

    Also, I so hope that my daughter will try some of the ideas for life in the home. My 10 year old granddaughter is an avid reader who has, repeatedly in the past, shown excessive interest in fantasy. Her new interest is Greek and Roman mythology. I hope and pray that she will someday show more interest in reality! I have sent this podcast to her mom and dad.

  • Excellent! Many thanks for the podcast itself and for the recommended reading. As the source and summit of Catholic living, it is important to understand that all Liturgy is worthwhile — and is not entertainment.

  • Interesting topic. The one thing I still do not understand and I don’t think was covered is why Latin in the first place? I know I enjoy being fully engaged and understanding everything that is said. I can’t imagine a good answer for all of the faithful is to spend some time learning Latin and getting familiar with the responses. I remember when our parish started a Spanish Mass, we were told it was important for people to be able to worship in their own language. That made sense to me. Why is it all of a sudden different and now we are told that a Latin Mass is something we should embrace?

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