It seems like each week, another scandal emerges in the Church: sexual abuse, cover up, financial impropriety, poor leadership, heretical teaching, or lack of faithfulness.

At the same time, many Catholics have experienced increased doubt and confusion, whether about something they heard from the Pope or bishops, about the Second Vatican Council, or about questions concerning liturgy, theology, or morality.

How should faithful Catholics respond to occasions of scandal and doubt? That’s what Fr. Blake and Brandon discuss in this episode of “The Burrowshire Podcast.”


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  • thanks for the question, if every catholic faithful will wholeheartedly stick to the teachings of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, THE COMMANDMENTS & THE CHURCH’S TAECHINGS, hope the all of the above mentioned grievances will be a thing of the past. THE CLERGY SHOULD LISTEN TO THEIR VOCATION $ WE ARE SURPOSE TO ADHERE TO THE WORD OF GOD. PRAYER IS THE KEY.

    • What I enjoyed most about this episode, was the focus on prayer and ourselves. It is so easy to be critical on the internet when looking into another’s eyes is not required. Thank you for giving me concrete things I can do, but also for reminding me to keep my eyes on Jesus and to never forget who he is.

  • Thank you for this topic. The more I listen and read on the Church history the more I see Jesus Christ answering my questions.
    Well done.

  • Loved the podcast. I wish it could have been broken into two podcasts. Several more especially young people may have been able to watch if it had been thirty minutes because of the time we have to listen but also it had so much information to digest. Thanks for all you do helping me to live my faith. Keep up the good work.
    Charles Ketter

  • What an edifying podcast! There’s so much food for thought (and prayer) of which I appreciated this advice the most: the more grave the scandal, the greater the need for private reflection. The inclination to publicize a scandal is fomenting more scandal, causing more people to be further scandalized. This is so true, but how do you counter this criticism: for fear of scandalizing the faithful, the Church has wallowed for decades in a cover up culture. Secrecy has unfortunately been the default position of the Church for far too long. Many victims suffered quietly. Meanwhile, the Church has lost its credibility. Lack of transparency has unintended consequences in other words. Too much prudence can lead to cowardice. Would you agree?

    • Amanuel,
      Great comments and thank you for your feedback! I agree that the “cover-up” culture within the Church is dangerous. That being said, it is also dangerous when laity and clergy publicly denounce the episcopacy on social media outlets or prematurely bring the details of scandal into the public eye without giving due diligence. Doing so is damaging and dangerous. In the end, it is the responsibility of the bishops to be transparent within their Diocese. Whether or not they abide by that responsibility will be on their conscience. Our place as priests and laity is to pray for the bishops, love them and ask the Holy Spirit to guide them trusting that what is done in the darkness will eventually be brought to light; not by our hand but by the hand of God. Once again, thank you for your wonderful insights!

  • A wonderfully true comment that history has a way of revealing truth. In my two semesters in deacon training of church history years back I became convinced that it truly reveals the Spirit living in this mystical body, no other way could we still be talking about our Savior and his Church some 2000 years later. And thanks for the centricity of personal prayer and witness and penance in your remarks. The two of you are remarkable. Peace, Deacon Al Laabs

  • I do appreciate all that you have covered in this and all of your podcasts ! I sometimes listen to the extremes on the right because I know that you or Bishop Barron will pull me back to peace with the absolute truth of Mother Church in your teachings. I guess that is my form of gossip… As a cradle Catholic of 72 years I am grateful to the two of you for my ongoing education as I approach the final years of my life and my reunion with the Blessed Lord and Family. Thank you both, so much !

  • You both have and speak Truth and it exudes from you both which such joy.
    I feel this sense of Freedom just listening and my hope feels restored.
    Thanks for reiterating some of the requirements of being a Catholic, thanks for the affirmation.
    Very interesting. Not a boring moment.

  • Wow!I heard things that I have never heard before about how to handle scandal. I loved this podcast. Thanks so much. God bless!

  • Thank you!! Very inspiring!! You speak about the power of prayer in our lives in just about every podcast. Without that grounding, we do not make the best decisions. It would be good to hear a podcast on lay secular vocations or third orders. I am blessed to be a part of the Order of Carmelites Discalced Seculars (OCDS). It helps to have a group to keep my faith grounded and formed in prayer and to be supported in my faith and beliefs. There are so many blessings in all of our lives!! And it is God who puts them there! Thank you again!! Looking forward to the next session!

  • From the beginning I’ve found that most of your podcasts are worthy of two viewings so that I can absorb and integrate so much new information. I’m still reading the four pillar documents of Vatican II, so I’m going to have to carve out even more time for this podcast and its important principles for grounding oneself as a witness of hope.
    Thank you for sharing your conversations with us!

  • Thank you so much for this episode! It has been a conduit of God’s peace to me. These principals apply not only to Church problems, but to every situation in life that we find threatening. I feel a weight lifted off, renewed encouragement in seeking personal holiness, and a greater trust that God is working through His Church and through all circumstances… and I trust that God will provide whatever reminder I will surely need when in my human frailty I forget all this in a week or two…

  • Fr Blake,

    Where did your understanding of spiritual reparations come from? I’m a lifelong Catholic and I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never heard about this at all. Is there a good book you can recommend they can understand more about this practice??

  • I truly enjoyed the podcast on scandals and doublet! Brandon and Father Blake the two of you are so great together! Your inspiration and knowledge is amazing! God Bless and thank you ! I looked forward to watching all the podcasts!🙏🙏🙏

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