The Blessed Virgin Mary is a troubling figure for many Protestant Christians, but this is a relatively new phenomenon. In the early Church, Marian devotion was hardly debated and even the major Protestant reformers themselves, such as Martin Luther and King Henry VIII, wrote treatises defending Marian doctrines. In this episode, Brandon and Fr. Blake explore some of the key beliefs about Mary, her pivotal role in salvation history, and the revival of Marian theology during the last two centuries.



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  • Thanks. This episode on Mary was concise. I particularly enjoyed your comment on the Marian Dogmas, that they point to Christ. Such a classic description of our Holy Mother. Father’s comment “… no Mary, no Jesus…” and your additional pun “… know Mary, know Jesus…” thanks again,jkl

    • Thank you Brandon and Fr. Blake. That was very helpful. I’ll admit that I probably love Mary in a devotional way and am not too familiar with her role in salvation history. I also was born on a Marian feast day (August 22) and feel like she has been guiding me my while life. But there is obviously much to learn. Thanks so much for the book recommendations.

  • Very interesting. Mary is a very special part of my life. God Bless you two. To Jesus through Mary. Amen and Amen

  • Fantastic. Much needed teaching in light of the Charismatic Renewal of which I am a part of and I believe our loss of the greater picture of how God formed His church. I find it so refreshing to know this great mystical body that we all belong to and not just separate Catholics trying to live the gospel each day on our own. In our little community, people do not have a devotion to Our Lady and tend more to the proclamation of scripture and the Holy Spirit which is fantastic but very Protestant bent. I was very much touched with that remark also, no Mary, no Jesus; know Mary, knew Jesus.

  • I enjoyed this episode on the role of Mary. I have never hesitated to ask for her prayers and have found comfort in the Rosary many times. Where confusion enters for me is when I encounter consecrations to Mary and referring to her as the Mediatrix of all Grace’s. I have taken classes but could not complete the consecration. I am fine with my relationship with Mary, but I fear that others are taking her role too far.

  • “The Incarnation was the only time in world history when The Child chose The Mother” WOW! I Love this statement! I will proclaim this from now on.
    Thanks Fr. Blake and Brandon. May God continue to bless your podcasts and ministries.

    • It is such a profound truth. The first time I mediated on that fact, my heart was pierced through. Truly amazing. Thank you for your blessing and prayers.

  • Excellent podcast! Depicts how we Catholic Christians can respond to Protestants on the authenticity and purpose of Mary, our Blessed Mother.

  • Good Morning, and thank you, Brandon and Fr. Blake, for this wonderful, intelligent, and inspiring treatment of Our Blessed Lady, Mother of God and our mother! You have greatly enlightened my understanding of the role of Mary as the Church, both with your references to the Apostolic Fathers as well as in Sacred Scripture. I wonder how anyone who professes Christianity could not come to love and give thanks to God for Mary and seek devotion to her Immaculate Heart. I so look forward to your next episode!

  • Thanks for sharing all your wonderful thoughts & knowledge about Mary. I have always had a special devotion to her.

  • Hi Brandon and Father Blake, thank you for another amazing podcast. My question is how do you answer people who are telling a different story from history? How do you go about proving what really happened and what didn’t especially during this information age? Thank you in advance!

  • “There is a woman right now saying, Yes to the Son.” That is the most profound statement I’ve ever heard in reference to Mary. Her Yes was the Yes that transformed her and the rest of the world. As I continue to seek her intercession, I too embrace and look forward to my own ongoing transformation.

  • Thank you Brandon and Father Blake for your ongoing and beautiful podcasts!! I enjoy them so much. God bless you both in this ministry.

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