The Bible is a complicated book and it’s easy to read it the wrong way. In this episode, Brandon and Fr. Blake share some of the basic interpretative principles Catholics should use to understand Scripture, including recognizing the genre, using the “four senses,” and reading the Bible from the heart of the Church.



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  • Love the podcast, gents! Do you know how to get a simple leaflet with the daily readings? Not a missal, but something similar to the St Joseph LOTH guide (with verses, not missal page numbers). I’m trying to stay off my phone during prayer. I bought a breviary after the last podcast, but I also have a lovely, brand-new WOF Bible. I would love to meditate on the daily gospel from there, but don’t want to open an app to find out what it is 😉

    • I am not aware of anything like that unfortunately. You might be able to find them from the USCCB website and print them into a small booklet. Happy you are enjoying the podcast!

  • Thank you so much for these wonderful podcasts. They are truly a blessing during our current lockdowns. Each one lasts the perfect amount of time for me to take a walk around the neighborhood so that I am learning while trying to remain healthy. Exercise for the soul and body. And congratulations on your expanding family.

  • Wonderful insight to just what the bible is–Sacred Scripture.
    And the Word of God is Jesus, not the bible.
    And many other points you both made.
    Thank you both for your time and sharing of your knowledge.

  • Brandon and Fr. Blake,
    I have gained so much from this podcast, in so many ways!
    Thank you for bringing all of these topics to the forefront of my thinking. I’m a cradle Catholic, but have taken so much for granted, and been so casual in my adult learning of the faith, that I am excited listening to each “lesson” as if it’s brand new!
    I’ve enjoyed every podcast that i’ve heard and hope to extend my education with each new podcast! Keep them coming please!

  • Brandon and Father Blake,

    I appreciated this podcast. As a non-Catholic Christian it gave me a deeper appreciation of sacred scripture. It helped give me new insights of how the Catholic Church views the Bible. This podcast debuncted some myths I had about Catholics under appreciating the Bible.

    • Wonderful Jeff! So happy you are one of our listeners. May we always remain united in prayer and mutual love of Jesus Christ! God bless.

  • Where do you begin teaching children the truths about the Bible, especially the ones you mentioned in this podcast? Just start simply with Bible stories? I’m on a personal crusade to give my son a better understanding of Catholicism than I had as a child. He’s 2.5, but I’m trying to figure out ways to start his formation now.

  • I enjoyed this. It clarified some things for me and reinforced things learned some time ago. Thank you both. God bless.

  • Yes,the BIBLE is a Liturgical book.
    Next episode (please): Liturgical Books (Missal-Sacramentary and the LECTIONARY, my personal favorite).
    #Sunday Cycle, #Weekday Cycle

    -“Sentire cum ecclesia, per ampliora ad altiora”.
    And Yes, I AM A FILIPINO🇵🇭

  • Would you please comment on the books that are recently published linking books of the Bible to happenings in our times? These are very popular books that claim that Old Testament stories foretold our current history. Specifically I mean Jonathan Cohn books but I’m sure there are others.

  • I just finished reading Bergsma and Pitre ‘s ” A CATHOLIC INTRODUCTION TO THE BIBLE -THE OLD TESTAMENT”. This is an incredible work…It took me 6 months, reading for about 30 minutes each day that I had some early morning time. It really explains how to understand the whole concept in the context of the times it was written taking into the customs and standards of the times it was written. I cannot wait until they come out with THE NEW TESTAMENT.
    Check it out as I am pretty sure y’all are aware of this work
    Jimmy Mudd- Yoakum Texas

  • Good to hear, I have been thinking about purchasing this volume, but was hoping to hear more opinions. Anyone else have thoughts about it? Thanks.

  • How do I find in the Old Testament where it tells of Jesus coming? I am working on explaining the Topography of Jesus to adults. Trying to make it interesting and understandable.
    I love your podcasts and find them helpful.
    Appreciate any suggestions to have.
    Love and peace Judy

  • Every since i discovered and started watching this podcast, it excites me every episode and what will i learn out of it. It change my habit right now, instead of watching anime, it shift my time in watching burrowshirepodcast. Praying and hoping it will reach to other young adults or millennials around the world.

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